Everything you need to know about oneSource Enforcement

oneSource Enforcement Services is one of the main enforcement agencies within the UK. Simply put, they function as bailiffs to help recover debts. 

If you've come into debt recently, there’s a chance you might be contacted by a oneSource agent. Whilst this might seem like a scary prospect at first, there are plenty of debt solutions available to help you get back on track.

Here at NDH Financial, we specialise in IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements), which are designed to help people get out of debt in a timely and efficient manner. Taking out an IVA could be the perfect debt solution for you if you have multiple debts and have been contacted by a bailiff.

Dealing with oneSource Enforcement Services and considering clearing the debt with an IVA? Our qualified team of debt consultants is here to answer any eligibility questions you may have about applying for an IVA. If you'd like to find out more, fill in our contact form and we'll take it from there!

Who Are oneSource Enforcement Services?

oneSource is an enforcement agency employed by the local authority (otherwise known as the local council in your area). They consider themselves to be an ethical organisation, working to collect debts on behalf of the UK Government in a more conscientious manner.

oneSource collects debts from the public sector. Their agents gather unpaid debts ordered by a judge, either by seizing goods or by taking a monetary payment. 

Unlike other similar organisations, their enforcement agents are not self-employed. Instead, all of their staff work in government or local authority positions, which means that they have first-hand knowledge of the public sector in which they operate.

The Debts That oneSource Collect

oneSource enforcement agents collect debts owed to the local authority. The types of debt they collect are varied, including:

  • Nursery fees
  • Housing benefit overpayments
  • Market rent debts
  • Trade waste fees
  • Business rates and debts
  • Council tax debt
  • Commercial debts
  • Road traffic fees and parking fines
  • Sundry debts
  • oneSource also offers debt repayment ‘surgeries’. A debt surgery is a formal meeting between yourself and the customer service team at oneSource, giving you the opportunity to find out more about the organisation and gain advice about paying off your outstanding debt. This makes them fairly unique within the enforcement world.

    Are oneSource Enforcement Regulated?

    oneSource enforcement agents are regulated under the following legislation:

    • The Tribunal Court and Enforcement (TCE) Act 2007, Order 2014
    • The Taking Control of Goods (TCG) Regulations 2013
    • The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014
    • The Taking Control of Goods (Certification) Regulations 2014
    • The Certificate of Enforcement Agents Regulations 2014
    • Civil Procedure Amendment Rules 20147 – Part 84 & 85
    • The Crime and Courts Act 2013
    • The High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations 2014

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    What Powers Do oneSource Have?

    As a debt enforcement agency, oneSource has the power to collect debt from you - either by taking goods to sell as payment against your debt or by taking a monetary payment instead. 

    However, there are strict regulations that they must follow for either process to be legal.

    Enforcement Notices

    Before attending your property, a notice of enforcement must be sent to you, giving you at least one week's notice. If you choose to, you can pay off your debt when you receive this enforcement notice. 

    If you're unable to pay your debt in full, oneSource enforcement agents are allowed to seize your goods - if the agents decide to sell your goods, you must also be given a week's notice before the sale starts.

    It's important to check the notice of enforcement is correct before you allow bailiffs into your property - if you do decide to give them money, you should always make sure you get a receipt. 

    Can oneSource Use Force to Enter My Property?

    Bailiff organisations such as oneSource are not allowed to use force to enter your property in most cases. The only situations in which oneSource Enforcement Services can use force is if they are collecting for the following debts:

    • Income tax
    • Stamp duty
    • Unpaid criminal fines

    If force is used when collecting other types of debt, you should report them. You don't have to let bailiffs into your property if you don't want to - however, more fees may be added if they have to return to your property another time.

    Bailiffs can only enter your property between the hours of 6am and 9:30pm - you also have the right to refuse entry and talk to them through the door instead. 

    Bailiffs are not allowed to come to your workplace and can't take goods belonging to other people - this includes items co-owned with a spouse or partner. 

    They're also not allowed to enter if there are vulnerable people in the property, including:

    • The elderly
    • People with serious health conditions or mental health issues
    • Children
    • Pregnant women
    • People who don't speak English as a first language 

    What Goods Can oneSource Seize?

    Bailiffs will usually seize luxury or high-value goods, such as televisions, game consoles or jewellery - however, their choice will differ depending on the situation and what is available to them. 

    Legally, bailiffs are only allowed to take items that they can physically access - this includes any vehicles you have. This means then that if you refuse them entry to your property, they could still seize any vehicles on-site (for example, parked on your driveway) if they’re physically accessible.

    oneSource enforcement agents aren't allowed to take items that are classed as home fixtures or items that are considered to be essential, including:

    • Domestic items like beds, ovens, tables, fridges and phones
    • Pets and other animals
    • Items needed for work or study
    • Medical equipment
    • Vehicles with a blue badge or motability vehicles
    • Tools

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    Can You Write Off Debt with a Bailiff?

    You can write off debt with a bailiff if you choose to - either by allowing them to seize goods or by giving a monetary payment instead. However, writing off the debt in this way could incur further fees and may not be an ideal situation for you - instead, it might be worth paying the debt off with the original creditor instead.

    Another debt solution available to you is an individual voluntary arrangement (or IVA for short). 

    An IVA is a formal agreement between yourself and your creditors. One of the main benefits of an IVA is that it allows you to pay off your debt with an affordable monthly payment plan, stopping the constant letters and phone calls your creditors may send you to chase. 

    As a personal insolvency specialist, with our own in house Insolvency Practitioner, we will act as an intermediary between you and your creditors, taking the stress out of your hands completely.

    Of course, an IVA, being most suitable for people with multiple debts, won't be the right option for everyone. To find out more, head to our IVA Learning Hub or explore alternative debt relief solutions here.

    Received a Notice from oneSource Enforcement Services? We’re Here to Help

    If you've received an enforcement notice from oneSource Enforcement Services and would like to find out how you can break free of the chains of debt, NDH Financial can help. We're a personal insolvency specialist, with our own inhouse licensed insolvency practitioner that specialises in IVAs, helping thousands of people on their journey to becoming debt-free.

    IVAs are extremely useful tools for clearing your debt, allowing you to pay one monthly payment to your creditors instead of having to worry about juggling multiple individual debt payments at once. 

    If you've been contacted by a bailiff, it can be hard to know where to turn next, but with our debt help, you'll be given peace of mind about your financial situation.

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