Everything you need to know about Newlyn PLC

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Who are Newlyn PLC?

Based in Portsmouth, UK, Newlyn PLC is a private enforcement company that works with local authorities across England and Wales. 

Simply put, Newlyn recovers debt. This includes outstanding payments such as council tax, business rates, and parking penalty charges.

If you have failed to resolve your debt, Newlyn has permission by the county court to take action. They provide enforcement and debt collection services for 203 councils. They also have a sister company called Credit Security.

What types of debt do Newlyn PLC recover?

Newlyn PLC works for local authorities across England and Wales.

They specialise in recovering:

  • Non-domestic rates 
  • Commercial rent arrears
  • They are granted authority by the county court who will issue a court order. Once the court order has been approved, you will receive a letter of notice. 

    It is worth noting that the letter does not mean they can force entry into your home. You still have the right to refuse them entry and discuss the matter through the door. 

    They are only able to force entry in extreme circumstances and when dealing with the below debts: 

    • Unpaid criminal fines 
    • Income tax 
    • Stamp duty 

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    Who do Newlyn PLC collect for? 

    As a leading enforcement agency, Newlyn PLC is able to collect debts for the local councils across England and Wales that have won their cases in court. 

    What power do Newlyn PLC hold? 

    Newlyn PLC has the legal authority to retrieve and sell your belongings to pay off your debt. They must comply with certain rules.

    Sending correspondence

    They are able to send correspondence to addresses they believe you are living in. You do not have to provide them with your address in order for them to do this. 

    Calling you

    They can call you on any number they deem you are able to speak to them on. For example, your workplace, your parent's house, etc. 

    Visiting you

    They are able to visit your home or send a representative on their behalf. (Remember, you do not have to invite them in. You can talk to them through your door.) You can request them to correspond with you in writing only. If you do this, you will have to respond to the letters you receive. 

    Adding interest or fees

    They can add interest and penalty fees to your debt if you have broken your original agreement or the court gives them the jurisdiction.

    That being said, Newlyn’s power is not limitless.

    They are NOT allowed to:

    • Give you misinformation. They must be upfront about their intentions in all their correspondence and visits with you. 
    • Threaten you or abuse you in any way.
    • Contact you in an unreasonable manner. For example, bombarding you with phone calls. If you feel they are bordering on harassment, let one of our debt consultants know.

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    Can Newlyn PLC take your car? 

    Yes - in fact, taking your car is probably the first thing Newlyn or any other enforcement agency will aim to recover. The reason for this is because it is seen as a high-priced asset and, due to being outside of your property, is easy to claim. 

    Before they do this though, Newlyn PLC will have to confirm the following:

    • Where your car is parked - If your car is parked on private land, it cannot be seized without a court order.
    • Who owns the car - Newlyn PLC can only claim your car if you, as the debtor, are its sole owner. If you jointly own the car they are not able to recover it. In the same vein, if you purchase the car via hire purchase, enforcement agents are unable to claim your car.
    • Who uses the car - If you are a blue badge owner and a person with a disability requires access to the vehicle, enforcement agents are not allowed to take the car.

    A way to keep your vehicle would be to sign a controlled goods agreement.

    What is a controlled goods agreement?

    A controlled goods agreement is a contract between the debtor and the enforcement agency (in this case, Newlyn PLC).

    As part of a controlled goods agreement, the debtor can keep their possessions as long as they make the payments based on the payment plan outlined in the agreement.

    How can I make payments to Newlyn PLC?

    When it comes to paying Newlyn PLC, you have two options. If you can afford to, you can pay the debt off in full. Otherwise, you can make a payment plan with Newlyn PLC and pay off your debt in instalments.

    You can make these payments via a range of methods:

    • Credit card
    • Debit card
    • Over the phone
    • Postal order
    • Paypoint

    If you have an individual voluntary arrangement with NDH Financial, you do not have to worry about making payments directly to them. This is something our friendly and experienced will be able to deal with for you on your behalf. Your monthly payment will be paid to your insolvency practitioner who will distribute it on your behalf.

    Does Newlyn PLC charge fees?

    Newlyn will charge you for three parts of the process: compliance, enforcement and sale or disposal of goods. These are fixed fees set by the government, not by Newlyn themselves, and apply to all enforcement companies.

    Stage One:


    You will need to pay £75 for the initial enforcement notice that Newlyn posts to you. 

    Stage Two:


    You will need to pay £235 if Newlyn visits your home or business premises.

    Stage Three:

    Sale or disposal of goods

    You will need to pay £110 for the removal and sale of your goods.

    Newlyn will only proceed to - and charge you - for Stage Two if you do not respond to the enforcement notice in Stage One.

    While these are the main fees you can expect from Newlyn PLC, there are also additional charges that may impact you.

    These include:

    • Court fees should they need to take you to court.
    • The storage costs required to store your goods until the time of sale.
    • The auction fees should your goods need to be sold at an auction. This includes a 15% commission as well as any advertising costs.

    Unfortunately, there is no way for you to get out of paying the court fees. Once the warrant has been issued, you are legally obligated to make the payment and the amount you owe will include the bailiff's fees.

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    How do you prevent Newlyn PLC from entering your home? 

    The main way you can prevent Newlyn PLC from entering your home is by entering into a legally binding solution. This can be in the form of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement or, depending on your circumstances, applying for bankruptcy or a Debt Relief Order. 

    If you are unable to do this, a short-term solution would be to enter into a Debt Respite (Breathing Space) Scheme. This scheme was introduced in May 2021 to help individuals deal with their creditors. It will allow you six months to file for a debt repayment option.

    Find out more about the Debt Respite Scheme here.

    Can you retrieve your goods from Newlyn PLC?

    You have up until the moment your goods are about to be sold to retrieve them. 

    If you want to do this, you have four options:

    You pay off your debt in full

    If you have the means, you can purchase the goods back at the sale

    You make an agreement with your creditor

    If you have an agreement in place, you are able to request the items you own to be returned to you as long as you abide by the rules of the agreement.

    You can request the goods back if Newlyn PLC has harassed or mistreated you

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    What goods can Newlyn PLC take and not take from your property?

    If you allow bailiffs from Newlyn PLC to enter your home, they are legally allowed to take your belongings to help pay off your debt. This includes items such as televisions and jewellery. There are, however, items which they are not allowed to take.

    These items include:

    • Belongings of another person residing on the property 
    • Items you need to be able to work. (Laptop, phone, mode of transport to get to the office) 
    • Items that are required in order to maintain a standard of living. (kettle, microwave, refrigerator) 
    • Vehicles are used to assist someone with a disability.

    What rules does Newlyn PLC have to abide by when visiting your home? 

    Newlyn PLC must comply with set rules in the pursuit of recovering debt.

    The rules are: 

    • They can only enter your property with your permission. Note that they cannot enter your property if you have children or vulnerable people at home during the time of their visit.
    • They can only make their visit between the hours of 6 am and 9 pm.

    Can you make a complaint against Newlyn PLC? 

    If you feel you have been mistreated by Newlyn PLC and would like to lodge a complaint, it is worth noting that this may help you retrieve your belongings but it will not cancel your original debt. If you need any support in making your complaint, speak to one of our debt consultants who will be able to help.

    You have grounds to lodge a complaint if Newlyn PLC or any enforcement agency:

    •  Break the rules while entering your home 
    • Provide false information so that you let them into your home 
    • Threaten to or take items they are not allowed to
    • Refuse to accept a viable repayment plan
    • Fail to send you the correct paperwork ahead of their visit
    • Discriminate against you as a result of your age, disability, race, religion and sex
    • Pressure you to pay more than you are able to afford 
    • Threaten you with violence 
    • Intimidate you 
    • Aggressively contact you via phone, visits and letters during the process and once the matter has been resolved
    • Release information about your situation to your neighbours 
    • Ask neighbours for information about you

    Your complaint should not be made to Newlyn PLC directly, but to your creditor. Depending on the type of debt you have, contact your local council for matters such as council tax debt or your credit card company if you are dealing with credit card debt. 

    How do you stop Newlyn PLC? 

    If you want to stop Newlyn PLC, the only way you can do this is by paying off your debt. You can do this in full or you can agree to a repayment plan with Newlyn and your creditors. 

    We may be able to help

    At NDH Financial, the debt solution we provide is tailored to fit your financial situation. Our speciality includes applying for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. If the IVA is approved, you will not have to deal with creditors or bailiffs at all. Once the debt solution has been approved, all correspondence will go through your insolvency practitioner. 

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    At NDH Financial, we assist our clients by helping them tackle a range of debts, such as:

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  • Gas, electric and water arrears
  • Store card debt
  • As a leading licenced insolvency practitioner, we provide Individual Voluntary Arrangements to help our clients become debt-free*. In doing this, we are able to break down their individual financial situations and consolidate all their debts into one monthly affordable payment. 

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    *Once the IVA is completed, all included debts are written off. There are some unsecured debts that will be excluded, such as court fines, child maintenance arrears and Student Loans, and you will need to make separate payments to these. As the IVA will only cover unsecured debts, you will need to continue making payments to secured creditors both during and after the IVA.

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