IVA Learning Hub

If you are interested in learning more about IVAs then this page is for you. 

We have created a range of guides to help you to understand an IVA and how it can help and impact your life. 

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What Is An IVA?

Discover what an IVA is and what one does. 

Can An IVA Be Paid Off Early?

 Can an IVA be paid off early? Click the button to find out.

Can An IVA Affect My Job?

 If you want to know how an IVA might affect your job, click the button to learn more.

Can An IVA Take My Inheritance?

 Do you have an inheritance coming? Click to see how an IVA might affect this.

IVA vs Bankruptcy: What's The Difference?

Not sure of the difference between an IVA and bankruptcy, click the button and we'll tell you.

Can I Get A Mortgage With An IVA?

 Are you thinking of getting a mortgage and aren't sure how an IVA might affect this? Click the button.

IVA For Self-Employed

 Are you self employed? Our IVA guide for the self employed is a need to read. 

IVA vs Debt Relief Order

 Have you heard of a Debt Relief Order (DRO)? Click below to learn the difference between a DRO and an IVA.

How An IVA Affects Your Credit Rating

 Are you unsure of how an IVA can affect your credit rating? Click below to find out what happens.

Can An IVA Be Refused?

 If you are wondering whether your IVA could be refused, read our article that explains all. 

How An IVA Works

 Are you unsure of how an IVA works? Our article will ensure you understand the basics.

IVA: How Long Does It Take to Set Up?

 Do you want to learn how long it takes to set up an IVA? Then check out our guide.

IVA: Can I Keep My Car?

 Thinking of an IVA but are worried about your car? This article will tell you what you need to know.

Will An IVA Stop Bailiffs?

 Are you worried about bailiffs coming to your door? Our guide will explain how an IVA helps.

Write Off Debt

 Do you want to write off your debt? If so, our handy article shows you what you need to know.

Can An IVA Take My PIP?

Do you have a PIP? Are you worried about how this might alter your IVA? If so, read our guide.

Is An IVA Worth It?

If you're considering applying for an IVA, read our helpful article to find out whether it's worth it.

Can You Remove An IVA From A Credit Report?

Keep reading to find out whether you can remove an IVA from a credit report, how long it will stay on there, and who can see it.

How Much Does An IVA Cost?

Wondering how much an IVA will cost to set up? You can find all the details here in our helpful guide.

Can I Get A Credit Card On A Debt Management Plan?

If you're considering getting a credit card while on a Debt Management Plan, take a look at our useful article before you apply.

Before committing to an IVA, find out how it can affect you, your home or your savings in our handy guide.

When it comes to repaying debts, most people will typically go for an IVA or a DMP. But which one is better?

Our handy guide will explain how to apply for an IVA in a simple, hassle-free way.

Wondering what happens if you need to stop paying your IVA due to a change of circumstances? Find out more here.

An IVA might be the right solution for you, but take a look at the pros and cons here before you apply.

Looking for an alternative to bankruptcy? Read this article to find out what a DRO is and whether it's the right option for you.

Wondering what happens at the end of an IVA and whether there is any long-term impact? Read this article to find out.

Are you wondering how an IVA might impact your application for a joint mortgage? This handy guide will help explain it.